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Kites In Hawaii

One of my favorite memories of Hawaii is a day at the beach with a kite.

I started flying stunt kites years ago when I worked at Novell.  Wes Voss would fly his stunt kites over the pond at Novell’s Provo campus.  I started to talk to Wes and found out more about the sport.  Next thing I knew, I was addicted as well.

When we were packing for our trip to Hawaii, I told my wife that I would like to take a kite or two.  She said that that would be a good idea.  One of the kites that I took was a small two line parafoil.  It is like the kites that they use for kite surfing or kite boarding, but a lot smaller.

As we were taking a drive around the north end of the island, we stopped at Kualoa Regional Park.  It is a beautiful beach with a stunning view of Mokoli’i Island (or Chinaman’s Hat).  My wife and girls went beach combing and let me fly the kite.  My youngest daughter had the camera and took these photos.

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