Paradise is not Always Calm

When I use to imagine Hawaii, I would think of calm tropical water and smooth sandy beaches.  Many places in Hawaii are like that, but once you get to the North Shore, things are different.  The North Shore of Oahu offers some of the biggest waves each winter.  Board riders come from all over the world to challenge themselves on these monster waves.  It was interesting to watch the camera crews and spectators setup to watch the surfing.  It was a little like watching hockey fans gather around the glass.  You know that they are interested in the game itself, but they are also hoping to catch blood and mayhem as well.  I think that there is a portion of that in surfing too.

Further down the North Shore, past Dillingham Airfield, you will find the Kaena Point State Natural Area.  Here you can see how wave meets lava flow and how the elements battle each other. You can also see crabs scurrying along the rocks checking into what has been trapped in the tide pools.  Efficient hunter or a creature that exploits the misfortune of others?

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