Breaking In New Cast Iron

Hash Browns
Hash browns in a new 12″ skillet

I was recently given two new Lodge cast iron skillets. They are the 12″ size and have been pre-seasoned. I like to work in my cast iron by making something fried. It tends to help build up the seasoning. For these skillets I decided to fry up some potatoes into hash browns.  Other than the normal pebbly surface of a new pan, these two skillets performed very well.  There was very minimal sticking and it all wiped out with a paper towel.


I basically cubed up some fresh potatoes and tossed them into the pans.  I had heated the pans over a medium-high flame to a point where the pan is starting to smoke.  I added 2 to 3 tablespoons of Canola Oil and let that heat for a moment.  Then the potatoes went into the hot pan.