Journal Of A Long Strange Trip
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  • It’s Official – Days Getting Longer

    Posted on January 29th, 2010 Dirk No comments

    OK, it’s official, the days are getting longer.  How do I know?  The girls are laying more eggs.  They are not up to their normal summertime output of a dozen eggs per day, but getting six eggs in one day is a sure sign that spring will once again return to the land.

    The last several weeks we have only had two or three eggs per day.  When I collected eggs this evening I collected six. A nice change.  I guess that the girls are happy even if yard is mostly covered in snow.

  • Chicken with Grits

    Posted on January 26th, 2010 Dirk No comments

    Normally if you hear the phrase “Chicken with Grits” you think of something that you would eat. I guess in a way it does end up being that (after their eggs have been collected). In this case this is a description of the feeding frenzy that will happen in the hen house on a cold winter’s morning.

    To help warm the chickens, improve their attitude and just basically spoil them, the chickens will sometimes get a warm pot of grits for breakfast. For those that are not familiar with grits, they are a course ground corn cereal or mush. I like mine with Frank’s Hot Sauce and salt and pepper. The chickens get theirs plain.

  • So That’s What A Pineapple Plant Looks Like

    Posted on December 24th, 2009 Dirk No comments

    This November we went to Hawaii to celebrate my parents 50th wedding anniversary.  I had a great time.

    One of our stops was at the Dole pineapple plantation.  They had a demonstration garden where the show some of the varieties of pineapples that are grown around the world.  In Hawaii they grow the Smooth Cayenne for the production plant.  They are able to get three harvests off of a planting.  The first harvest is 18 month after planting, the second is about 32 months and the third and final is at about 45 months.  One plant, three pineapples, 45 months. Read the rest of this entry »