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My First Beer Competition

Well, I have entered my first home brewing competition.  The competition is sponsored by the Bridger Brew Crew out of Bozeman Montana. Deadline for entries is March 6th.

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Guerrilla Soap Mold

Making your own handmade soap is a great example of chemistry in practical use.  You are mixing fats with a solution of lye to convert the fat to soap.  Pretty easy isn’t it? I think that once you get over the fear of soap being chemistry, the entire process is a wonderful creative outlet.


A New Pizza Favorite

Photo shamelessly stolen from Nick Jones via Facebook.

As Saturday night was approaching, my family was trying to figure out what to do for dinner.  About the only thing that we could agree to make for dinner was “reservations”. Since we needed to find some fabric for a costume for a musical production, we decided to head into town for dinner.