I ran into a situation where I was installing a Ubuntu server for a project. This project would have the server without a GUI interface. I needed to install a software package that had software dependencies. dpkg utilities do not follow or solve package dependencies. I needed a command line utility to install packages that resolved dependencies.

gdebi is that tool. It is in the gdebi-core package.

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Guerrilla Soap Mold

Making your own handmade soap is a great example of chemistry in practical use.  You are mixing fats with a solution of lye to convert the fat to soap.  Pretty easy isn’t it? I think that once you get over the fear of soap being chemistry, the entire process is a wonderful creative outlet.



You have somehow managed to stumble (or stagger) to this corner of the web, I should warn you that you will not find any consistent, or even coherent, theme here.  You may want to waste your time at LOLCats instead.  If you are still here, then your life is really in need of excitement if you want to look into the fish bowl of my life.

I expect that I will share thoughts and ideas that I have on a number of topics.  I will probably talk about my garden.  I will talk about working the the garage or shed.  Some days might be talking about computer stuff.  You know, the geeky stuff that only a computer nerd would know about or even care about.  Home brewing, beekeeping, wood working, machining, photography and book binding are all fair game.  You may even find the occasional recipe scattered here and there.

It is not too late.  You can still escape by clicking here.


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