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Bees 4 – Beekeeper 2

This morning I took the Top Bar Hive out to get swarm number three installed into the hive.  They seem to be taking well to the top bars.  I have placed a top feeder on the TBH to help the bees get established.  It is said that bees will use up the same about of energy and food stores to produce a pound of wax as they do to produce 7 to 8 pounds of honey.  I figure that a few gallons of sugar syrup should help get things going.  Once the bees get a little more comb drawn out, I will put a little pollen substitute into the bottom of the hive.

The other swarm from Sunday had left the yard. So far this year I have had four swarms come out of my hives.  I have been able to capture two of them.  In basebase terms, that is a .500 average.  This leaves me at a current count of eight hives.  Just a couple more weeks to get things prepared for this years honey flow.

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