Sweet Peas Emerge

2009 - Sweet Peas Emerge
2009 - Sweet Peas Emerge

My sweet peas are starting to emerge from the ground.  The peas have taken a little longer than I had expected, but it also has been a little cold lately as well.  My family loves sweet peas and snow peas.  We call them garden candy.  Many times the peas don’t even make it into the kitchen.  They are just eaten right there in the garden.  Grazing!

We all went out into the garden this evening to plant some onion sets that Tina had ordered.  I prepped two beds for the onions.  The soil seemed to be just a little too dense for onions, so I tilled in some potting mix and some of the wood chips and chicken litter from the chicken coop.  After that addition the soil was much lighter.

I also side dressed the peas with the chicken litter.  After we have gone inside to cleanup and fix dinner, it started to rain.  I think that we picked up something like 0.34 inches of rain today.  That will help get the onions watered in.

I need to pick up some more 2x6s to build some new garden beds.  I also need to till and mulch the garden paths.


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